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CIT Program Details

Unlock Your Potential with Varsity Prep USA!

Are you ready to take the first step towards leadership and responsibility? Our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program at Varsity Prep USA offers a fantastic opportunity for young individuals aged 13 to 15 who are looking to gain valuable work experience while making a difference in the lives of younger campers.


Program Overview:

The CIT program is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of what it takes to be a leader in a dynamic, fun, and supportive environment. As a CIT, you'll work closely with our experienced coaches and counselors to learn the ropes of camp management, from planning activities to supervising young campers.


CIT Program Benefits

Earn a Stipend

Each CIT will receive a stipend of $125/week, acknowledging their contribution and dedication to the camp.

Develop Leadership Skills

Enhance your ability to lead and motivate others, manage groups, and resolve conflicts.

Build Your Resume

Gain practical, hands-on experience that will stand out on college applications and future job opportunities.


Weekly Leadership Programming:

On the first day of each week, CIT members will complete a comprehensive leadership development program. Following each lesson, CIT members will join the rest of Varsity Prep and work alongside their counselor-mentors and assist where needed. CIT members will also be allowed to join in on the fun with the campers!

Here is the weekly breakdown:

  • Week 1: Orientation and Mentorship Introduction

  • Week 2: Leadership Workshop

  • Week 3: First Aid Certification

  • Week 4: Community Service Project Planning

  • Week 5: Peer-Led Day

  • Week 6: Professional Development Seminar

  • Week 7: Advanced Skill Training

  • Week 8: Community Service Project Execution

  • Week 9: Reflection and Showcase


CIT Program Details

Cost: $295/ week


Stipend: CIT Members will be paid $125/week (minimum 20 hours)

You can choose however many weeks you want to signn up. 

In addition to the leadership training, CIT members will assist the counselor-mentors implement the daily activities and games. CIT members will be allowed to participate in as many activities as needed!

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